White Feminism Round 2

Thank you.

It’s time we take a different tact

I was so pissed when I looked at Twitter — linked there by a writer who identified as transgender — I saw ‘feminists’ going off on transgender people, telling them they couldn’t invade their safe spaces and / or appropriate women’s issues.

When I read that I was shocked.

Then I saw woman of color getting shouted down because they said, “hey, fuck your safety pin,” and “umm, not all pussies are pink, doncha know…”

And I was appalled.

I continue to be disappointed in ‘white feminism.’ I am disappointed in the utter failure to embrace and truly include ALL women, ALL LBGTQ and allies appropriately. It is so completely stupid.

So, ‘mansplaining’ or not, this needs to be said, alto. Good on you for making this statement and for pointing out the right authors to read on the subject. I’ll read your other piece in a bit. This is good, though. The truth hurts sometimes.

But it is time to walk the walk…


-Cyborg ❤