You make me think. I like that.
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That’s all good. Really. It does depend on the individual. All I am saying is it shouldn’t be a first or last resort. Everything about that individual child should be taken into account. Some diabetics don’t need shots or to poke themselves with a needle every day. They control their illness in other ways…

It’s the same for ADD. All people have ADD. It is a spectrum. And some people really do grow out of it. I haven’t and won’t. Them’s the breaks, kid.

ADHD is a GIFT. Not a curse. My brain can think faster, process more information and makes fewer mistakes than other kinds of brains when it is under control. I am not capable of controlling it without help.

But to your point, I graduated from the University BEFORE I got treatment. How? Well, hyper focus is part of ADHD — people don’t know this so when they see a kid can focus without regard for what time it is on something they like to do, they sometimes rule ADHD out. Ummm, ok. Also, it’s a brain thing, so it looks different in different people — naturally.

But university was wonderful for me. I was focused on what I love — history and theology. I also took my homework to bars and gave my brain enough crazy stimuli to provide the breaks I required to get the work done. BUT IT WAS SUCH A STRUGGLE. Three hours of homework took me six hours to do.

Because I cannot stay on task. It isn’t reasonable for my employer to accommodate me by allowing me to work in bars. When I told my son he was going to take medicine I told him this:

“Buddy, guess what?!? We looked at your brain and we found out that it is AMAZING! It’s just like a race car. It goes fast! You have a wonderful brain, but there’s something else… your brain was so busy making you so smart that it forgot to install the breaks on your car, so your medicine is going to be like your breaks, it will help you slow down and know what is important to pay attention to and what isn’t. You’re going to love being able to think slower too because it will help prevent you from getting mad and fighting with your friends and teachers.”

I told him he was lucky because he has a race car brain. And I mean it. Because it is true. ADHD brains are special, they are different, but not less. Some of them can have their breaks installed with diet, exercise and routine. Others, like mine and my boy’s, need more help.

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