The only thing I was referring to with the words “not equal” was the comment directed at me stating…

That was helpful. And I never saw you referencing any pain.

I was actually really shocked that anyone could read that into your words anyway.

OMG, Alexainie!

We just got hit with an ATTEMPTED “VIRTUAL” VIRTUAL Lobotomy!

This is great practice for us. We need it.

Keep switching it up, friends. We will get better at identifying it more quickly so we can move on to laughing our asses off.

This is good training. He can’t hurt you or me. We shouldn’t be afraid of this we should welcome it. We can point this stuff out to each other. Tag words that are typically used.

This is the first time this has happened here and it will not be the last.

Oh, can’t wait to see what this person will try next.

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