Thank you my lovey.

The links were not really for you. I know you know that I am too serious for numbers when I’m talking about this shit…

The links are for people who might want to question the validity of my statements. So I can easily point them there right before I tell them to sit on a pine cone and do a chicken dance where the door hits their ass and other shit like that…

They are decent references and you will want to do some research. But seriously, talk to a person with the Magic Dust abbreviation behind their name about it first.

Don’t freak out over the diagnoses either if that is what the professional says. I wish someone had told me that I had my whole life to work on what is broken, it will always be there, so getting worked up about the information as if it is somehow new, is pointless.

If you do have it, you’ve been living with it a long time. Only difference is you’ll have more words to describe it, you’ll have comrades in arms you did not have before and you will have a plan to manage it instead of running around it.

If it is there, it could answer many questions and open the door to Post Traumatic Growth. Don’t let the red stamp frighten you.

Use it to empower yourself and others instead.

I believe in you.