Warm Fuzzies for All My Friends
Thaddeus Howze

The Man w/ all the best Words!

Included my name in his herd

And I have some Warm Fuzzes for the man who pulls the weight of the adaptable, the ones who can hear…

Written while listening to:

Now you know I’m a fan, Thaddeus Howze, of yours — you must know this by now.

You might not know that in the context of “community” — what I call “the herd” — I see you as a leader. Yep that’s right, I see you as a front-runner, the guy we couldn’t keep up with if it weren’t for his willingness to bring us along. Who fights for what is right and doesn’t bullshit with sugar and coddling — because it ain’t what we need, alright


Stress is no fun, dear friend. I’m sorry this is the place you are in. At the same time, I am not worried about you. Your head is so solid, you’re so damn capable, so intelligent — you got this — whatever this is…

And your herd will not wonder. Your herd will be here waiting to breathe in your words as they run to keep up, as they feel the thunder of your thoughts and heart — where the stampede begins — they will know the source as the warrior.

Thank you for being amazing.

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