You just went full IMAX projector mode on me, mate.
Sumant Manne

There is so much denial and unreal blabber here I don’t even know where to start.

You do not see the ways I have already listened to and heard you. You blatantly disregard it when I actually do agree or concede.

And I don’t and didn’t try to tell you any old thing about the “actual minority” you are or you aren’t. I can accept that you have a perspective on the world that is different and just as valid as mine.

I don’t agree with you on most things. That doesn’t make your perspective less valid. Where you and I don’t match is the idea that somehow my perspective or agreement is what allows me to understand that there are many versions of reality. Perception IS reality.

What is true for me is not necessarily true for you — but that doesn’t make your truth or mine better or more valuable.

You say I am projecting. I disagree. I think actually what is happening here is that you are defining me by your worldview. Instead of inviting me to share mine with you. And that IS projection.

Regardless, do I love you in a personal, intimate way? No.

But you are a human being. So, I do love you on that level. And I don’t think that’s weird at all. Especially since God in all religions commands and demands that love as a matter of showing respect to the divine.

So, it’s fine if you continue to spew the nasty things said by the “majority” because you seem to agree with them. It doesn’t change my insides. You judge me based on your insides. This isn’t and never has been a two-way street.

You come off as if you believe women are in control. You ignore huge parts of our history and facts that speak directly contrary to that idea. You don’t give that part equal opportunity even in your own brain.

I fully acknowledge that our system fucks men over a LOT. In ways that men seem to participate in because they are rewarded by doing so in other ways. It is sad, we should be allies, since we both see these injustices.

Maybe if we were we could actually be the majority and then we could actually make the demands needed to change things and help everyone.

But you can’t give me the time of day. You cannot allow yourself to understand that the things you complain about are the flip side of the coin. And that is the saddest thing. It really is.

I am disappointed in your lack of compassion and know-it-all claims that when you are corrected, you do lash out. You are disrespectful. And you do project. It sucks. And I think even in the ways I have heard you, you refuse to see that because if you acknowledge it, that means you have to be reciprocal. You have talked yourself out of that basic curiosity the one you ask for but never see fit to give.

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