Tiny Trump Meme Is Everywhere

This is insulting to little people!

It is also Fucking hilarious!

I am a little person who is hilariously insulted by this hilarious depiction of a hilariously tiny president. I support this insulting and hilarious foolishness while shaking my tiny fist at it at the same time!

I know it would be hilariously frustrating for to him if his body matched his hands (among other things). I would love to witness his troll tears flowing because he doesn’t have any idea how to spider monkey a countertop to get a glass down (a useful skill I’ve perfected).

I would love it if he felt nervous in a line for a roller coaster not knowing if he was tall enough. It would be amazing to see him not knowing how to adjust the picture frame on the electronic kiosks while going through border patrol in our airport, getting frustrated after repeated attempts because his arm isn’t long enough to take a photo of more than the top of his head (yes, last time I came back into the US I DID have this problem).

I would love for him to want to murder people when they asked him if buying clothes and shoes was cheaper or easier since he could shop in the kid’s section.

This insulting hilarious tiny president meme might be the most insultingly hilarious thing I’ve ever seen.

I’m taller!

Don’t worry, little Cheato, I promise not to use your head as an arm rest.

Thinking of all the things that are a pain in the ass because I’m small has never been so much fucking fun.

Thank you, Gutbloom!

-Cyborg 😎
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