Tall Small


I. Was. Being.


You can’t even read what I say when I mock myself.

This is so dumb.

And again, your argument is just looney.

Women get rejected too.

So why not compare those two things instead of male rejection and menstruation?

Personally, I don’t feel like that’s “violence of my body.” So stop speaking for me too, while you’re at it. I got to grow a human in my belly, one I love very much. How the hell would I do that without my “body violence.”

Geeze. Have you ever met a woman?

Not all men make excuses for their shitty behavior by claiming, “violence of the mind.”

How patronizing can you be?

You are all:

“Generalization. Rumble grumble! Man! Violent! Mind!”
“Woman! Violent! Body!”

Never mind the fact that the mind — ’brain’ is inside the body in the first place.

You. Make! Generalization!

Get mad! When! Someone! Else! Doesn’t!


Try something else.

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