because that’s just how women’s sexuality works.
That’s a lot of entitlement.
Sumant Manne

Ummmm. What?!?!

Honestly, you’re smarter than this statement makes you look, Sumant Manne.

I’m disappointed. You don’t know anything about “woman’s sex drive.” For a few reasons:

  1. You are not a woman.
  2. You don’t listen to women.
  3. You are not a doctor.
  4. You do not listen to doctors who specialize in women’s sexual health.

Unless you want to look like a complete moron, don’t make statements like this… you can do so much better.

Whatever important thing you thought you were trying to say here, is now forever moot. Stick to what you know about yourself. You are an actual expert on that — you are not an expert on women’s sexual health.