The amount of conscious erasing of black history by educators is so complete, we have to learn that history on our own. White people don’t share this burden.
Idaho teachers dress up as Trump’s wall, and the outrage… and excuses begin
Lecia Michelle 📃

We don’t. And we get shocked when we do try to learn. It makes it harder when we are adults to absorb and process the information. We are doing ourselves a great disservice by not insisting that we have teachers who can teach subjects at the same depth regardless of the race of the people historically studied.

It isn’t that we learn nothing, it’s that we learn about black history glibly. Like there’s no substance to what we learn. Memorizing dates and names. Only getting the messages we want to hear from Martin Luther King Jr, but never understanding the depth or substance, we are abusing our children and setting them up to fail in the future.

We are programming racism into our kids because of the way we teach black history. Our refusal to make kids look at the slave ship logs and read the names of the babies stolen from Africa. BABIES.

I didn’t know anything. I still don’t. But every ounce of knowledge I have is because I looked for it. That stuff should be a priority for all Americans to learn. We have adults who think ‘state’s rights’ isn’t a euphemism in this country.

It’s very sad. I am so with you on this. It’s critical that we learn perspectives — at as much depth as we can. Most people want to do the right thing. The problem is our teachers tell us we already are.

White women and white parents especially should be insisting our schools change the curriculum. There’s no excuse for this Halloween costume. But given our education, it’s no surprise either.

It’s just gross. We need to grow up.

Love to you, Lecia. Thank you for your hard work.