walkerjo lee

We goin down down baby…

Whoops! My bandaid fell off.

I don’t know that I’m invincible, but when it comes to Tremaine L. Loadholt, I’m sure I don’t give a damn.

I’d go out in a ball of fire to protect her from harm — to cover her heart in safe.

That heart, WalkerJojones, I know you have it too, so I know you see the same thing. A heart so special, so connected and so deeply concerned for others — I’d throw my safety down a flight of stairs to protect her heart.

Do you know that Tre checks on me offline, weekly? Do you know how much she really cares about the people inside this box? That’s you. That’s me. That’s our newest family member, Benjamin Sulle.

This genuine, kind, loving and soul-as-close-to-divine-on-Earth we will ever experience, has seen fit to look after the likes of me.

Tre, I know you’re reading this, I’m sorry, I am not trying to embarrass you, but honey, I love you to the depths of the ocean.

Invincibility be damned; I’d at least try to move a mountain for you.

Because every single week, you move one for me. And I can never thank you enough or tell you how much your support and love means to me.

I’ve been in my mind. It’s such a fine line…” Neil Young would be awestruck.

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