H. Nemesis Nyx
Oct 4, 2018 · 1 min read

We may consider allowing our POC sisters to lead the way on this one.

I feel like we are still not considering the fact that Anita Hill went down this road long ago. For every step “women” take, to me it still lacks real sincerity when we are doing all the speaking rather than listening to our sisters who know better.

Think of it this way — the more scapegoated or gaslighted you are, the more adaptive and flexible you must become — to survive. There is real skill here that has been ignored. There is so much we don’t know to consider.

How do we have a common language if we don’t treat all women like we have things in common period? I don’t know. The whole thing is deflating. I don’t mean to highjack and I am not saying you haven’t thought of these things, or making any statements about who you are.

I’m saying, this has been on my heart — when we say women, I really hope we are talking about all of us and I hope we are talking about ‘not-men’ because to me, that’s what this should be about. We are all suffering to various degrees over the same thing.

Keep up the great work.


    H. Nemesis Nyx

    Written by

    One part cyborg; two parts glorious mess.

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