Can we stop using polite euphemisms and simply state when someone is LYING?

Well, can we say he lied? Please, don’t get me wrong. I am disgusted by this administration. FULL STOP.

However, I think we need to save the ‘tough language’ for when we are certain there were actual lies and not just lack of knowledge. If he didn’t know, that is JUST AS BAD, in my opinion and maybe, since we value the truth more emphasis needs to be on THAT.

This is all assuming that he was simply in the dark. I don’t know the answer. Either way it is incompetent, is shady as hell and should not be minimized. We just can’t go around screaming ‘liar’ or conflating ‘liar’ with ‘incompetent’ or ‘ignorant’…

Need to call a spade a spade. So what is this card we pulled here? Does anyone know if he knew the truth and LIED or if he was just not let in on the secret?

PS I think Pence might be the only person on the planet worse than Trump. Don’t forget he was already told by INDIANA’S Supreme Court he could not ban Muslim Refugees from Syria from resettling in Indiana FFS. Did he even know Trump was going to sign that EO banning Muslims? If he did know, did he try to talk him out of it? If he did know and didn’t try to talk him out of it, isn’t that a pretty clear indication of a fucking lunatic who lacks that ability to even learn?

He’s either really really really stupid or really really really not allowed to know things. Or some combination of the two.

Someone should be talking about and trying to figure THAT puzzle out.