My take on Pence is a bit more aggressive.
Caleb Ramsby

Well, okay. We’ll go with that.

I don’t really care all that much, I just want them gone is all.

All of them. Gone.

And the FBI and CIA need to do their fucking jobs. I better stop seeing this NAZI / KKK bullshit everywhere. I better stop seeing these fucking fools acting as if their terrorism is any less or different from terrorism of the Islamic variety.

It is NO different. Terrorism is terrorism. It is unacceptable. It is something I expect the president of this country to stand against, not condone. Just on the simple fact that there has been no denouncement of the white supremacist piss poor excuses for wastes of air and space acting as if they have some mandate…

Just on that basis alone, these guys should be charged with committing treason. The KKK was pushed back by our FBI. I do realize that there were and still are many Law Enforcement people who wear white hoods in the dark, I know that…

but I also know that at some point in our history our intelligence agencies saw those groups as they are — FUCKING TERRORISTS — and they fought them until they could do nothing but shake their disgusting fists at the sky FOR YEARS — they were hiding.

Because our intelligence community had the balls to deal with them as the slimy terrorists groups they are.

Trump rises to power and look what we have here? Suddenly, no one is calling it what it actually is anymore. What the fuck happened here? These guys were a fucking straight joke. What changed? How come now people are actually listening to these fuckers with their heavy breathing one step closer to a massive heart attack fuckers again?

Where are the Patriot Guard Riders? When will they get here? Because I am fucking sick of sending young boys and girls to war. I’m tired of them coming home with missing limbs, washed of trust, watching the VA pump them full of pills and refuse to help heal their wounds.

I’m tired of it. And I don’t get what changed to make these guys seem valid to anyone. They are terrorists.

That’s it. And Trump and Pence are both terrorists too as far as I am concerned. They are the same.

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