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Michael Harmon

Well, that was much nicer, thank you. And I’m sorry again, but I fail to understand why I need to point you to exact statements in the documents. You seem capable of reading all by your own self.

Oh well, I think since you came back and switched your tone to a more friendly one, I’ll humor you.

Here are a few of my favorite screen shots (from the documents) that to me illustrate a marked difference between ‘Russians being Russians’ (by the way, that was a nice touch) and Putin directed escalation in the behavior we’ve seen in elections past:

Found in the ICA document

Here’s what I find particularly interesting from the NCCIC JAR file:

The other links are press releases from official government agencies. What I’m doing with this is avoiding any sources that are ‘third hand’ news media, main stream or otherwise, because you wouldn’t believe them either.

There are reasons *I* find the above screenshots most interesting and why *I* think they show pretty damning evidence of both a hack on the DNC and RNC, as well as an escalated ‘influence’ campaign that’s typical ‘Rooskie business’ as you might say.

Furthermore, on the typical Rooskie Business, a great number of those influenced by the ‘Russians being Russian’ are (no offense intended) ‘Grandpa FaceBookers’ with no real ties to web culture or any real knowledge that such people exist.

I do realize that people have to educate themselves and verify sources, if they don’t, that’s on them, right? By the same token, it is fair to state that these ‘Grandpa/ma FaceBookers’ aren’t going to know how to identify a ‘blue bot’ from a ‘Rooskie,’ right? Therefore, it’s fair to also say that they were unknowingly influenced and in some cases even manipulated into believing things that may have in fact changed the decision they would have made sans influence when they went to vote.

That’s dirty business, my friend. And its dirty business all on its own — standalone dirty business — which means it does not matter in the slightest what some other people may or may not have done.

Especially since I doubt very highly those same grandpa/ma facebookers would appreciate being manipulated by the damn Russians.

By order of the Russian President for God’s Sake.

No one — including me — could and/or should ever claim that our election campaigns are clean from any side of the competition. That would be a bold faced lie. The truth is that does not matter, because the question is whether or not there is evidence — means, motive and opportunity — that the Russians interfered in our 2016 election.

The answer is YES. YES the Russians DID interfere.

And that’s not okay with me. And if it is found that Mr. “Hey-Russia-Hack-Hillary’s-Email” Trump or members of his campaign endeavored to support the activities of the Russian Government while they were hacking into our party committee servers, government officials' emails and election boards along with engaging in their astroturfing bullshit across the Internets, that ain’t okay with me either.

And if you’re an American Citizen, it would deeply concern me if you were okay with any of the above.

So, there you go. And,

“No matter where you go, there you are.” ~Confucius

-Cyborg 🌺
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