How hell else would a populist buffoon like Donald Trump get elected?
There’s a lot more people in my shared reality than yours.
Sumant Manne

Well that’s weird. If that’s YOUR reality, why would you call him this?

I didn’t think you’d be a Trump supporter. Did I at least get THAT right?

I honestly believe people voted for him because they are racist or sexist or they just wanted to find something wrong with Hillary.

People blame Obama for things he had no control over, were way harder on him than they were on Bush. The ‘alt-right’ — to me is an euphemism for Nazi or klan. It really is that to me.

People believed his rhetoric because they wanted to believe it. Because they are so sensitive they can’t bare the thought of black lives being as important as white ones. And because they see Hillary as some sort of she-devil when she is just as imperfect as any other politician. She is no more evil than Bush was.

But Trump? That guy is straight up dangerous. He is a demagogue. He is a narcissist.

If you agree with even a fraction of what I put above, it is time for you and I to stop fighting with each other and start fighting FOR each other.

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