That it depended on the exploitation (aka, the coercion, if you like) of entire groups to produce benefits for others.
Did America Ever Really Work?
umair haque

Well, you’re right.

AND look from a different angle

The thing did work exactly how you said. I would argue it still does. Slavery never ended. Neither did segregation. The economy and the sale of the Dream are alive and well for those

— designed to benefit —

It isn’t that it doesn’t work. It is that we are taught to believe it works for everyone and nothing could be further from the truth.

I say you’re on to something here. I think the question you poised is interesting to examine. I also think a follow up question in reverse might assist you.

I would ask two questions:

  1. For whom is it designed to work?
  2. Is it working as intended… for that group?

I think we know the answer. Some of us just don’t like to face the answer. Some who are ‘in’ or ‘close to' the group identified by question 1 do not like either question. But to understand the question you asked, expansion is a must.

Examine the targets of our cultural messaging. Examine the beneficiaries of the sale.

You might find the answer to your question is now and always has been —

“It depends…”

There are many ways you can look at the question you asked. Do look at the thing from the other side of the window in the House of Lords.

It is there that you’ll find that for which you’re looking.

Nice job, umair haque. Great work.

-Cyborg 🌺