This Is CNN…A Humorless Hypocritical Media Outlet That Needs To Threaten Reddit Users Into Saying…
Daniel Reagan Diggins


This is just… wow.

Regardless of political affiliation and/or opinions of the president, what CNN is doing is complete horseshit. The resources and platform they are afforded shouldn’t be aimed at a private citizen in this way. “CNN reserves the right to reveal <user’s> identity if <user> posts…” stuff they don’t like again?


CNN is engaging in blackmail of a Reddit user via threat to DOX. That is NOT OKAY.

— for the record —

I DO NOT like what the user did, I DO NOT like what the user said and I DO NOT appreciate the uptick in celebratory violence towards the free press because <in my opinion> we need free press now more than ever — but for fuck’s sake — we need them to be credible!

CNN will lose more credibility <in my opinion> for engaging in this way. There are several problems with the way in which CNN is handling this issue.

The current approach —

  1. is an attempt to control the speech of a private citizen
  2. ignores the FACT that just because a Reddit user created the gif doesn’t make him responsible for the fucking Whitehouse using it
  3. allows people to abdicate their personal responsibility to avoid violence
  4. places blame for violent acts visited upon members of the press on the shoulders of a private citizen who engaged in shitty, racist and perhaps stupid behavior, but did not physically attack anyone
  5. fosters an environment via slippery slope in which organizations could continue to engage in such bullying if they don’t like what an anonymous user on the internet writes or creates
  6. requires the press to actively engage in behavior contrary to the whole fucking point of their existence
  7. is akin to childlike behavior where the actual problematic person is too big and powerful to control, and therefore out of anger and lack of forethought or coping ability, the child directs frustration at a less powerful party who played a role in the bullshit; the initial victim (CNN) of the initial bully (Trump) becomes a perpetrator of a smaller, less powerful target (Reddit user)
  8. is fucking terrifying that a media outlet can and will search out the identity of a user because downstream a more powerful person STEALS their content
  9. holy hell — does no one at CNN understand how fucking crazy this actually is
  10. is drawing attention away from the real issue, which is that we have a president and his team who think it is in any way appropriate to condone violence towards reporters from the highest office in the country

That last one is big. Why the hell is CNN going after the little fish? The big fish is more important. It should not matter in the least where the president rips off his content for his TROLLISH ASS CRYBABY Twitter feed. We should be discussing the fact that our president is a child.

And CNN, if you’re reading this, please get a grip. You don’t get to stomp around shouting about ‘freedoms afforded to us via the Bill of Rights and our Constitution’ whilst simultaneously pissing on the documents.

Anyone who’s spent five minutes on the internet knows that threatening to dox someone is literal step 1 bullying in the sandbox, which puts people in real danger.

And yes, I’m aware that the Reddit user is probably a huge piece of shit, we must be accountable and responsible for our words and content — yes, I get it. The truth is, in this case, I don’t care. An organization as big as CNN with their resources ought be fighting someone their own size, not messing with a clown college graduate troll on Reddit who lacks the platform and the standing to have any real impact.

Many people agree with much of what I say, many people don’t. I understand that and I’m sure someone believes I’m a piece of shit too. I’m only lucky in the sense that apparently none of them work at and/or have any power at CNN.

There isn’t anything about this to celebrate. It doesn’t help the ‘little people’ when massive corporations can blackmail us. We need to foster a culture where bullying is not revered and you don’t do that by bullying little fish bullies in the school yard. You do it by facing down the leader who isn’t setting the appropriate tone, example and direction. DUH.