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Yeah, by the American Academy of Pediatrics newest standards, I should not sit in the front. The car manual says that an airbag could break my neck because of my height.

I also have a restriction on my driver’s license that says I need a booster. I’ve gotten out of one ticket one time because the officer who pulled me over was not familiar with that restriction (different state) and he found it very funny.

So he didn’t ticket me because I made him laugh at me.

I don’t have the same medical conditions that other dwarfs have. I am proportional. My stature was likely caused by a lack of growth hormone. The only structural anomaly I know of was in my forearm and the doctor said it has nothing to do with my particular type of dwarfism — the ulna variance they corrected, which turned me into a Cyborg — that happens to people who are not dwarfs as well. Although it is pretty rare.

It is funny how you picture me is kinda how I am. As small as I am I have a very large presence. I learned to carry myself big to help avoid some of the unwanted attention I get by virtue of my size and shape.

I’m a small brick house — junk in all the right places on a very short body.

Cat calling gets real creative for me. I’ve had guys sing “the thong song” at me as I walk by for example.

Or Sir Mix A Lot. I get that a lot too. Good times. <eye roll>