Wow. I tried Xanax and slow, stupid, and off—like I was having a severe hypoglycemic (low-sugar)…
Jack Herlocker

Yeah, cause if no one ever had that reaction before, it must not be real…

You know when I had the MRI on my wrist (when they finally figured out what was wrong) it felt like the inside of my arm was being boiled. I screamed through the whole thing. My doc said:

“That’s a very rare reaction to an MRI.”

I said:

“I know. MRI’s don’t hurt! I’ve had one on my brain and one on my spine, didn’t feel a thing.”

He said:

“Wow, that’s just. <shakes head> that must have been really frightening. I am sorry to hear that it was so painful.”

And that’s how I knew I had a good doctor.

And I was right. He’s the best.

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