I can say this without you coming in guns-a-blazing at me cuz you know what I mean, but I will…
Tre L. Loadholt

Yeah. I know. I don’t blame you. I hated writing it.

I hated it hated it all around and I still do.

After a while you start to feel ‘marked’ — stuff like this happens and just keeps on happening.

Then you loose count. Then they get mixed together. Then they get trapped.

And I think that’s what happened to me. They just sorta stacked on top of one another.

I don’t blame you.

It’s real hard to read this stuff when it is about someone you love.

So, I just made this into a good thing.


It’s just a real nasty abscess. Hopefully this one will stay out. I’m sick of carrying the thing.

Love you.

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