Respectfully, I ask you to remember that these two things are not mutually exclusive.
Randomly Me

Yeah, you’re right. You can be concerned for both at the same time.

However, I would prefer it if people were so inclined to feel concerned about me, that they focus on the things that actually are at issue for me in my life —

PTSD is one for example.

Therefore, if the concern is based upon my engagement in this topic, I would prefer that that concern is added to the concern for the people I am fighting for, because I am completely in all ways uninterested in gaining empathy for myself with respect to racism and it only serves as a distraction or a misdirection of energy away from the actual problem that needs solving.

Again, you are correct, you can be concerned for me and our human family at the same exact time. I am talking about the specific concern related to engagement in this particular topic. I want the empathy directed where it is most needed in that context.

Inside that picture the empathy or concern directed towards me is misplaced.

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