The Challenge Of Memoir


Thank you for saying it.

I get so bored when I read work that lacks heart.

Or is a string of misfortune, woes and / or drama that is all someone else’s problem to fix.

Or is full of argument bolstered by nothing but “bad shit has happened to me, therefore I’m above reproach.”

Or “don’t even think about challenging me, I don’t challenge myself, what makes you think you can challenge me?!?” crap.

Some of us have had hard lives.

Some worse than others.

None of that gives anyone a free pass to engage in blatant narcissistic “it’s everyone else that’s the problem” bullshit.

I don’t publish that drivel. Memoir is ugly, but it’s not an attack on others or an effort to blame.

Introspection is key.

And attacking people for disagreeing or pointing out void where introspection should be, is just pathetic.

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