It is entirely valid to be angry for the evil treatment visited upon POC, but it is equally valid for the supportive and/or otherwise disenfranchised whites to be angry for similar, if not so obvious mistreatment, and just as angry about inequities in the system
If there’s to be any Progress, you’ll have to get off the White Thing

Yes, but you are mixing them together when the truth is they are separate experiences.

Bridging the gap requires us to seek first to understand. It requires a leveling. Your experience as a white person who is disenfranchised is not the same as a disenfranchised POC.

People don’t know you’re disenfranchised by the color of your skin. The presumption is that by virtue of your whiteness you are good, you are trustworthy and competent. Judgment is withheld longer for you than it is for them.

That’s not to say your disenfranchisement is ok or invalid, it’s just not to be compared with theirs.

We have to take turns sharing our stories and our story doesn’t invalidate the stories of others.

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