When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.
Talking Dirt with Dirty Harry
Dave Pell

Yes, Clint, we know.

That’s the mess you made for us.

Being racist while surrounded by racists does not make it ok.

Once upon a time it was normal. It was normal to throw trash out the window onto the street.

Once upon a time it was normal. It was normal for a man to pay a father for the “hand” of his daughter.

Once upon a time it was normal. It was normal to lack indoor plumbing. It was normal to have a separate house out back and go running through the snow at 01:00 to pee.

Once upon a time it was normal. It was normal to die before the age of 60 — many people caught polio. That was very normal.

Once upon a time it was normal. It was normal to be racist. It was fine to wear a white hood. No one would dare admonish you or expect that you lived by your book towards “everyone,” if everyone didn’t look just like you.

So, I say, welcome to hell, mother fucker. Because your “normalsucks and makes zero sense. Many of us are plain ass sick of it. We knew it was wrong and we fought you so hard. It was such a waste of our energy.

Because the once upon a time that will always be normal is that one day all you hypocritical mother fuckers will be gone. Gone to meet your maker.

What will you say to your maker when the light asks you this:

“I said to love all your neighbors and all of my children. I used human hands to write that in my books. Did you love all of your family members? Did you love them all as you would have them love you?”
Will you say to the light,
“when I grew up, we could love people to their face and do fucked up shit to hurt them behind their backs. It was ok. That was normal.”
When the light looks at you like you may be confused, will you explain further,
“My light, my God! I read this part here and I took it to mean it was ok to behave how I wanted toward others as long as I felt no hatred inside.”
When the light reminds you that love is an ACT and asks you how it would feel if others did that to you, would you reply,
“My God, my light! I was the most powerful, I had success and I thought it came from you!”
Will you be surprised when the light explains your faulty thinking?
Will you be so shocked and call the light a “pussy” when the light calmly states,
“Maybe you weren’t paying attention, but let me be more direct for a moment here — did you see any of those I chose to represent me as ‘normal?’ Did anything at all strike you as odd about those people in my books? It should have because all of them from Siddhartha to Mohammad, from Jesus to Abraham, from Vishnu, Lao Tzu and even the ‘moderns,’ walked differently than those who came before them. Every one of them carries a unique message
“I am the light. I made you in my image. I destroy to create. I love ALL my children. I command your respect.”
— and one bottomline message with one central theme:
“I expect you to treat your family members as if they are you.”

You failed, Clint. F-

But it is not too late. What will you do with the time you have left before your end? I hope to fuck it isn’t to “be normal,” because you’re gonna have to adjust.

There’s a new normal in town and she ain’t fucking around with the likes of you.


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