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Yes. You are absolutely right about that. It is completely true. But this isn’t about your circumstances because those are in the past. This is about what the memory of those circumstances is doing to you. No one is comparing circumstances. No one. We can’t. It doesn’t make any sense to do that — but we can show you where we are alike. We can show you how those hurts and little broken off pieces of ourselves made us feel as though we had no future, nothing to look forward to. I used to say nearly twice a week that I wouldn’t make it to 21. I fully believed that too. I am 35. I am making plans now. It is awkward. I am like a fish out of water. To imagine I had life to work with was just completely unbelievable to me. Can you see that my circumstances aren’t the ‘thing?’ The thing isn’t in the details, the thing is how living through those circumstances, where we store the memories in our brains has caused us to believe we are worthless. That is what is the same. The circumstances can trick you too. They can make you feel alone. We have to connect by what we have in common. What caused this for you is not the same as what caused it for me. Labels are lazy talk. I get it! I really do. But you are a good person to refuse to compare our pain and circumstances. I won’t do that either. We can compare results of those circumstances and that is where we absolutely are the exact same. I am no better than you. I am not stronger than you. You are not alone.

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