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You cannot fight racism by pretending ‘race’ doesn’t exist.

You have to understand how we are indoctrinated to conform to racial expectations via our environments, what educational tools are used and how those all fit together to establish inequality based on skin color.

Then, you have to look at yourself and ask how are you contributing, giving silent permission to inequality and / or even promoting unjustness via race.

After that, you have to re-learn healthy behavior and actions.

You cannot address a problem by ignoring it. Saying you don’t see skin color is to deny a part of human being’s identity. When you do that, you don’t help heal racism, instead, you help perpetuate the covert form of it.

Not only that, but the message is, “your color is wrong, so wrong in fact, that in order for me to be comfortable around you, I have to go insane and ignore it.

What follows is an invitation embedded in the message — to the human being for which you have decided to ignore their cultural identity — to join you in your chosen insanity.

“Let’s be insane together.”

It’s insulting to me if people don’t see me — all of me — being a woman is an important part of who I am. I am different from a man. If people ignore my womanhood to make themselves more comfortable, that makes me feel unseen, disrespected and like my gender somehow makes me unacceptable. The same goes for skin color.

We must get to a point where acknowledging a person as they are does not include injustice, inequality, oppression and disrespect based upon their outward difference from ourselves.

Ignoring the outward difference is like saying, “you’re only acceptable if I construct you in my mind to be just like me.”

That is demeaning and the exact opposite of what is required to accept and love our neighbors as God created them.