If the topic is simply the behaviors that lead to violence against women, then it should be okay…
Tall Small

You got me wishing for a damn lobotomy. Seriously wishing for one right now.

You’re making my damn head hurt with all the words you put on the screen that weren’t there.

It’s obnoxious. Truly.

I honestly don’t care either way what you think, but the truth is very simple. You’re reading shit she did not say. You just read more that I didn’t say. You act a deflective ass. You blamed male suicide on women.

And now you’re wondering, “why don’t you want me to talk to you?”

I can make any request I damn well please, you don’t have to say, “yes, I’ll respect your request.” But please…

This isn’t my first day on the “internets.” No one is suggesting it should be anything other than what it is.

But you got me all wrong if you think for a second I’m going to sit and watch you act a damn fool and not say anything to you about it.

Aren’t you bored yet?

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