I am sorry but I just don’t see why it is so bizarre to work with your enemies if you have common…
Dustin Briscoe

You make several. SEVERAL excellent points.

And I know you’re an intelligent guy, so I have no problems or concerns that you haven’t considered many different possibilities. I don’t think I want to debate with you on those points at this time. I’m kinda just sick of that “right” or “wrong” opinion.

She is allowed her opinion. I am allowed mine. So, we can talk about the evidence that Russia meddled later and the credibility of our intelligence agencies too if you want — later.

For now, I would like to explain my point again. Because you got sucked into the details of right or wrong, when, Dustin Briscoe, you and I both know the truth is probably a lot more complex than that.

If you read my response to Caitlin, you’d know that my issue isn’t a matter of her right or wrong ‘ness’ it is instead about the manipulative way she has done this — an escalation over a period of time — using clickbait headlines and not backing up her assertions with legitimate sources.

Its about the fact that she has created a facade of independent thought, but if you read it closely you can see the motive is to support Trump.

McCain is dying. Why attack him? Well, because he was one member of the GOP that was not predictable and couldn’t be controlled by the party. Say whatever you want about John McCain, the man has dedicated his life to serving this country. He did not do everything right, but please show me someone who has!

I am fiercely loyal to our service men and women. You know this about me, so OF COURSE I am going to be disgusted when I see a headline wishing one of them dead. Fuck that, Dustin. It was wrong. Flat out not okay. We lose 24 veterans a DAY to suicide. They kill themselves in part because they know they are being judged by people who have NO CLUE what it’s like to be in a war zone. People who have zero idea of what it takes to survive such things.

I don’t tolerate dismissing McCain’s service because he isn’t perfect or because I don’t agree with everything he does. I crazy pissed at him when I wrote my original response.

Saying that we should not investigate Dumpf for collision is equally terrible. FORGET about the fact that the NSA, CIA, DHS and FBI are in LOCK STEP AGREEMENT — which, when was the last time that happened?!? I digress, but just forget about that for a minute and consider instead Dumpf’s own words! I’m sorry, but Caitlin knows literally nothing about forensic investigation related to InfoSec. Its obvious to me.

If you read respected analysts who aren’t attached to the government, you can find plenty who agree with our agencies.

So forget about the agencies all together. Are you comfortable with not at least checking it out?!?

I’m not.

Finally, this whole business of collaboration really pisses me off. The left has tried and tried and tried to collaborate with these fuckers and they wont play ball.

FOR FUCK’S SAKE she wrote this garbage while Turtle McConnell was writing a bill that would impact MILLIONS of people behind closed doors! How dare anyone look left and go, “you know, you guys should really think about working with the right more collaboratively.”

REALLY? Oh ok, so this door that’s shut, I should just walk right in there? That will work, huh? Its MY unwillingness to be collaborative that’s the problem here?

Dustin. Come on. You know that ain’t right.

I still think you’re awesome though.

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