I’m not religious in any shape, kind or form, but I subscribe your words.
Lia M. B.

You said:

“It’s amazing how so many people fail to see and understand such a simple, basic concept and instead run on hatred which is much more time consuming, exhausting and gives one bad breath cause y’all haters are rotten inside.”

I say:

I think I’m falling for you. LOL. (not really, I like dudes — crap! I have a dude… I hope dude doesn’t read this…)

OK, that’s enough of that foolishness…

This response made me click that ‘follow’ button. And yes, this is the point I am making. Religion or not, the thing applies, right?

Thanks for beefing this up — I wrote this in about 10 minutes and did not pull in anything relating to this in my haste. But everything in your reply is also behind the bottomline message of this piece.

Thank you for being aware of it and for contributing.

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