Men commit suicide for an infinite number of reasons, indeed.
Tall Small

You’re arguing with yourself

How can you not see?

Instead of focusing on the topic, you switch it up, focus on male suicide.


You have an account here. Why not originate something about male suicide that could help someone? Why instead, look for women discussing a problem — that was GIVEN to them — and go all,

“Penis. Problems.
Penis. Problems.
Penis. Problems.”

This is just instupid. You are talking to someone who has enough empathy for everyone — even you. Yet, you don’t seem to have a considerate bone in your body from where I sit. You cannot wait your fucking turn, refrain from making everything about YOU and/or start your own conversation regarding male suicide — if that’s what you want to discuss.

You do this because you don’t care about either thing.


I can accept you for who you are, but let’s not pretend you’re some caring person who wants to help men who are offing themselves

because rejection

You come here for one reason.

To deflect a point that a woman is making. To quiet her voice.

Here again, both of these problems are issues we need help from men to deal with, but you are so busy trying to prove that there’s another issue to talk about, that we don’t focus on either.

Well done!

Can’t wait to see how that works out for you. This is the hallmark of an unsafe person. You have no internal boundaries. Your external ones are made out of pixie stick wrappers. I wonder what you would find out if you just took the time to listen.

I wonder if you would find people willing to shed tears for you just as they will for a woman.

I bet you ^^^^ would happen.

When we take turns, share the stage and collaborate, somehow we manage to come up with amazing solutions.

I’d argue you aren’t interested.

Your behavior tells me that much.

Again, I spent time discussing the issue you raised — which again is completely OFF TOPIC — you respond without any acknowledgement of the issue that is — ON TOPIC.

Who is the one that has no empathy? Who is the one who is saying that problem you face isn’t important?

That’s you, dude.

It’s you.