What I learned from visualizing Hillary Clinton’s emails
Cesar A. Hidalgo

I have first hand knowledge that Bill Clinton accepted $ 1 million in speaking fees from a foreign government, for the express purpose of gaining access to influence Sec State Hillary, a few years ago. Her recent attempts to get the Department of Justice to interfere with the neutral FBI criminal investigation, is improper and obstruction of justice. That is why so many FBI agents, whose duty is to serve and protect the US Constitution of enemies foreign and domestic, have revolted. Sometimes, the enemy may be your idol, your perception of a person, without knowing how corrupt she is. Sorry, but a vote for Hillary means a vote to support the corruption that she and Bill have started, peddling influence to many countries, when they should put our US interests first, before other countries. She plainly sold out, and that is why so many law enforcement people are against her. She is a criminal in a flowery pantsuit. A smiling person whose power is allowing her to commit crimes that you and I would sit in jail for. A vote for Hillary, is a vote for a criminal .