Let Them Fucking Die
Son of Baldwin

In my logo one hand is white one hand is black so judge it as it is a High FIve.This Son of Baldwin is full of hate i can tell he is the black hand as he goes crazy about whites.As you can probably feel i side with whites because I'm white and i want to point to Son of Baldwin how many men and woman of science are black very few to none and that is not the whites fault that the blacks don't like to study ,blacks are musicians because all they do is go by the rhythm is that bringing the humanity upward lot less then science do so I just want to remind you that this country has White supremacist and do have Black supremacist too ,the problem is that the lack of black people upbringing inventions to the world demonstrate scientifically that at list scientifically the black race has no supremacy so mister son of Baldwin who do you really hate here and where you wanna blow you lungs toward ?