Small business for the consumer business and the american stripped bare of any money !

And the story begins around february of 2016 when as a small business owner that survives over regular consumer merci I started to feel the first signs of a society stripped bare of any cash or financial resources. Well wonder why ? don’t go to far I'll explain it all here.

As Obama administration entered in the last year it started with that kind of i don't care sentiment that he will be out of office at the end of 2016 and we small guys really felt a brake in economy a don't care what's going to happen and it just went that way .

The tax season is a great measurement of the rest of the year financial trend and we felt that the spring of 2016 was a for uncovered bills kind of return if any in other words if any return was supposed to come from uncle Sam was already spent in paying bills that they were behind like sharks biting in the eventual cash to come back and that brought the working class to what i call stripped bare and since it never recovered.

Then the battle Hillary Trump started and poor people with no money found refugee in television sets watching like lunatics politics over politics with a single side mind thinking…”if i don't go out of the house I’m not going to spend the money that i don't have “.And the above had happened the 2017 came with the dark prediction of Mark Cuban that families that don't have 100 thousand in the bank wont make it till the end of the year 2017.

I’m here to confirm that along with many im going thru the worst financial time of my life because the basic great factor of a good working economy the consumer spending is dead as the American dream of being prosper that dream had traveled to China and other parts of the world WE live in the stripped bare of cash poor Americans of 2017 where the main words or sentence on the lips of everyone is Stop Spending the money that i dont have the money that it seems we never going to be able to have again.

We had expectation from the new president and I guess the expectation have been greater from president Trump that's why he became the hope President The Make America Great Again president and so far…? The basic consumer sentiment is at its worst of all times and my business is about to close like many thousands of others because We are in crisis the YUGE crise of beeing striped bare of any resources and no light at the end of the tunnel that i can see in the near future.Please leave comments what the president and the government shall do and if you feel the same way like me.Americans are great people if somehow at the bottom of your purse have a quarter to spare please donate to my fund of trying to stay in business which is the American dream…Can you help the DREAM ON?