An Interview with Chronic Crafter

Margaret spoke to Sara, aka Chronic Crafter, about creativity, entrepreneurship, and her adult coloring book, Color Me Cannabis. Be sure to follow her on Twitter, and pick up a copy of her 20-page coloring book for all your stoney, lonely nights. To read the whole interview, subscribe to Smoke Break now!

Tell us a little bit about your history with cannabis.

I started using cannabis medically when I was 19 and fell in love with this miracle plant! A few years later, I opened my first business (a hemp/eco-friendly clothing store) so I could help promote and educate consumers on industrial hemp. Then I sold the business, but remained employed there to help manage it and expand it into a head shop. So the last 8 years of my life have been tied to the cannabis plant.

What led you to starting the Chronic Crafter?

In early 2015, I was laid off from the business I started. I was like, okay, now what? I knew I didn’t want to give up my entrepreneurial dreams or turn my back on the cannabis industry and the culture. And I have always been a creative type. So Chronic Crafter is my way of bringing all my favorite things together — being an entrepreneur, crafting, and weed. Also, I feel that there isn’t anyone out there promoting cannabis and creativity, and I wanted to fill that roll.

How does pot help your creative process?

It helps in a lot of ways! First, it inspires me to be creative and come up with new art projects. I’m able to see something in my mind’s eye better, than create it a lot easier. When I’m crafting it helps me think outside the box to create something in a new way, or I’m able to understand how to create something, like wrap my head around the idea or technique. Most importantly, it helps me to get into flow state — you know, it’s just me and my creating and everything else just fades away. It’s meditation for me. And when I’m trying to make something and it’s just not working out or I get really frustrated, I just step away, take a bong toke and a deep breath, then try again.

Tell me a little more about Color Me Cannabis. Has this been your most successful project?

I started working on the art for Color Me Cannabis in early 2015 and released it on Amazon in December. I wanted to make a coloring book that represented cannabis as a plant and its culture. Adult coloring books are huge right now. I see them everywhere. So far, it’s been my most successful project. I do have another coloring books in the works that’s less weed and more psychedelic/hippie themed, and I’ll be doing a follow-up coloring book to Color Me Cannabis. I also started a YouTube channel where I post tutorials for cannabis themed crafts. It’s still pretty new, but I’m hoping it’ll take off!