TroubleShooting Connections With The KeepKey

3 min readJan 13, 2023

The Full Story

(macOS Sonoma users! you must configure your system to default-allowing all devices to connect)

Understanding All the KeepKey Clients

  • (Deprecated) KeepKey browser extension: This browser extension pre-dates shapeshift and is no longer maintained or hosted. If you see any links to this software it is extremely likely to be a scam.
  • (Deprecated) This is the legacy Site many KeepKey users used in the past to manage their crypto.
  • (Production) the current production product of ShapeShift DAO.
  • (Legacy) KeepKey Updater: an application maintained by KeepKey originally written by ShapeShift for updating KeepKeys.
  • (Production) KeepKey Desktop: The replacement for KeepKey updater, written by KeepKey.

Step One. Identify the software you are using or intending to be using.

NOTE: There are many browser extensions that claim to be KeepKey and are actually scams that will ask for Mnemonics.

Getting Started

Many of our users are coming back after not using their KeepKey’s for a long time. This guide is for users who for any reason are not able to connect or access their KeepKey Device.

Most of our users have used their KeepKey’s with either or perhaps if you are an even older, the KeepKey Browser Extension.

If this is the case you MUST update the firmware on your device. To do this you must use an Updater App.

Message From

Updating Firmware

It is NOT possible to update firmware from And as of writing this post there are only 2 graphical applications that support firmware updating.

(Legacy) KeepKey updater

KeepKey Desktop

The KeepKey updater app was written for Keepkey while it was owned by ShapeShift.

(For Directions on updating your KeepKey with KeepKey desktop go here)

TroubleShooting Connections


  • WebUSB: the web protocol in which your host machine is communicating to your KeepKey Device
  • HID: the native USB protocol in which your host machine is communicating to your KeepKey Device
  • Browser: A web Browser for example chrome/brave browser
  • Electron: A native application framework that runs outside of a web-browser on your host machine.

If you are attempting to connect to from your web browser. The following conditions must be met.

  1. Your KeepKey must be on firmware greater than 6.1.0
  2. You must be using a web browser with webUSB support. This is limited to Brave/Chrome and excludes firefox and safari
  3. Your KeepKey can not be connected to any other web browsers tab via USB. For instance only the first tab opened with will be able to connect to the device. (It is recommended to close all tabs)
  4. You must not be running KeepKey Desktop OR the KeepKey updater app. It is possible these services are running in the background. Be sure to check your menu trays and perhaps check running tasks to stop them.
  5. Your USB cable must be solid and without damage. It is not uncommon for USB cables to fail. Just because a USB cable can transmit power and Power on a KeepKey does NOT guarantee that the data connection is solid and without issues.
  6. Your Host machine must have valid USB drivers. This is generally only an issue for linux machines. Linux users may need to adjust their UDEV permissions. documented here
  7. Linux users may need to chmod keepkey desktop to use it
chmod +x KeepKey-Desktop-2.0.16.AppImage

Electrum Users:

Add python lib

python3 -m pip install keepkey

(Note: If you are a users of and managed your Ripple or DASH from a KeepKey. you can use the following guides to manage these assets.)



Any more requests for coin support bring to our discord.