Updating your KeepKey

3 min readJan 23


A step by step Walkthrough

To use most clients you MUST update the firmware on your device. To do this you must use an Updater App.

  • (Legacy) KeepKey Updater: an application maintained by KeepKey originally written by ShapeShift for updating KeepKeys.
  • (Production) KeepKey Desktop: The replacement for KeepKey updater, written by KeepKey.

Step one: Install KeepKey Desktop

  • The site will detect the appropriate download for your OS.
  • note: (Windows users) you may need continue past unsafe download errors

Step two: follow directions in application

  • You may keep your device unplugged until application starts
  • Plug you divce in normally. (without holding down the button for updater mode)

This will allow the application to verify the firmware version you currently have on device.

If the application detects you will need a firmware update you will get the following screen.

Enter updater mode

  • Unplug your KeepKey
  • hold down button
  • while continuing to hold down the button plug the keepkey back in

Update your Bootloader

  • The application will detect your bootloader version and always update this first if needed.
  • Press the update button

Approve Verify Backup prompt on device

NOTE: Updating Firmware Does NOT wipe your device under normal circumstances!

  • force unplugging, or powering down your computer during an update may cause the device to fault.
  • If your device is new and out of box you will still get this message. There are no private keys being managed by your device yet and you may ignore this message
  • Due to the possibility of a malfunction and in general, it best practice to verify to location and existence of your paper seed backup.

Press and hold the button to continue updating your device

Update your devices firmware

Next you will update your devices firmware.

Note: that the device will still be in updater mode. You will not need to plug it in again

  • Press Update

After your device has updated your application will exit and restart:

Now you have completed your firmware updates and you can use your device on supported web and native applications.

Still unable to continue?

troubleshooting guide: https://medium.com/p/4599f1aaee0