Beta Testing started on ETC Odyssey — An Ethereum Classic dApp Game.

Back in October 2019, Highlander Network had the idea to release a Ethereum Classic dApp that was a Idle style game.

After finding a developer to further expand and craft this idea. …

I’ll start off by saying ONEX Network is coming up on it’s 1st birthday on December 17th 2019 🎂 🥳. Some partnering up for airdrops, bounties didn’t go the way I’d like but overall I’m proud to say ONEX still shows interest within the crypto world.

Though it’s come to…

Let us explain our thoughts and why?

We only said there would never be another airdrop that doesn’t mean there might not be small opportunities to get some (ONE) for winning a contest. Like our recent contest where if you decoded the wallet you received found some ONE inside, see here.

Highlander (ONE) is a 6 decimal…


As many know we have been waiting on IZX team to give us data back from our Airdrop we hosted on their app. Conditions was for ONEX to advertise on IZX App starting April 1st and ending May 1st then token distribution was too happen on May 7th pre their…

Trust Wallet staking ONEX Network is easy and in these video tutorials we will cover all aspects on how to get a ONEX & Ethereum Classic wallet and how to stake ONEX Network.

Trust Wallet App download links for Google Play or App Store can be found on their official…

As the co-founder of ONEX Network, my intentions are planning for the future. With a max supply of only 10 Million ONEX an estimated time span of 15 years before it reaches max. ONEX as a project has a long time ahead of itself before each token has been staked…

March has came already, that means the last month of Q1 2019, so now let’s discuss some of what ONEX has accomplished already.

Q4 2018:

  • Concept & Research


  • ONEX Network (ONEX) Proof-of-Stake smart contract created. Timestamp: Dec 17, 2018 10:12 PM


Here is a little tutorial on how to correctly participate in ONEX Network airdrop campaign on Saturn Network Forum.

STEP 1: Read all of the Airdrop thread on Saturn Forum.

STEP 2: Apply to Airdrop by following the “Apply” button to our website:

STEP 3: Once you reach the website…

Highlander Network

Highlander Network is a team of aliens who belive in Blockchain Privacy — Anonymity, Encryption and Decentralization. #ONE #ONEX

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