Saturn Network Airdrop Tutorial

Here is a little tutorial on how to correctly participate in ONEX Network airdrop campaign on Saturn Network Forum.

STEP 1: Read all of the Airdrop thread on Saturn Forum.

STEP 2: Apply to Airdrop by following the “Apply” button to our website:

STEP 3: Once you reach the website the same rules and tasks apply to forum. Each Airdrop task has it’s own “Apply” button that leads to a form you have to fill out after doing the entire task.

STEP 1:Write an“Proof of authentication” post.

On the ONEX airdrop thread write an application post, as seen in the picture below, marked in red:

Example how the post should be filled out:

  • If you did not participant in a certain tasks you do not have to include in the proof of authentication.
  • We will post the link to spreadsheets after a few days from the start of the airdrop and regularly update it. If you don’t see your entry just wait till next update.

For all additional questions and information,and latest airdrops, make sure to join our Telegram Airdrop group