Life in the Year 3000
Joshua Hehe

Fanciful speculation of the dreamy kind. Really not much different from the way our times were described by those living in the very early 20th Century. And we can now all bear witness to how well those dreams turned out, can’t we?

Here’s what I suspect. So long as humans remain as they are in all our monkey back-biting extremities we will continue to struggle with ourselves as we move into an ever more complex future that will be fascinating in its fashion. Either that or we tip over the edge and Mother Nature reduces the species back to something the web of life can more properly manage and support.

This does not mean the future is bleak. Far from it. But I seriously doubt the future will be either Star Trekish, or much like this. What it might be is anyone’s guess…but I suspect we’ll still be monkey back-biting each other in that time.

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