The Life-Changing Habit of Journaling (Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Many More Great Minds…
Thomas Oppong

This is an interesting article. We all have ’em. Thoughts that is. All during the course of your day thoughts flow and pop in and out of that space between your ears. Mindful contemplation can stop them, for a time, but from birth until death every waking moment, and probably a fair amount of sleep-time, too, is occupied by a constant stream of thought. Stopping them is nigh on impossible. Go ahead, just try.

So while mindful contemplation can briefly stop them, and in truth sometimes this is necessary as is taught by meditation folks and such, for the most part they flow in unstructured fashion. Extemporaneous and effervescent, no more captured than you capture a morning mist. Here for a moment then, ‘pop,’ gone. Yet if you focus carefully you might find that there is brilliance in them and, yes, a fair amount of the mundane as well. Focusing on them also forestalls them vanishing.

I like writing thoughts down. I have done so for decades at this point. Not necessarily with the rigor of day in and day out techniques, but sufficient to my comfort level. I find that just as in any river system power derives from structuring the flow. At first the structure isn’t apparent as you never know what you’re doing or where it all is going. But structure emerges with time and refinement of your process. It’s a positive feed-back loop that you stumble, fumble and create over time. And funny as this might sound that emergent structure turns out to be, you.

Just some musings worth about that much.


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