IOTA Foundation and HIGH MOBILITY collaborate to power new mobility apps — launching today with all-new workspace

High Mobility
3 min readNov 20, 2018


Here at HIGH MOBILITY we’re pleased to announce our collaboration with IOTA Foundation — utilizing the power of IOTA’s open-source distributed ledger technology and HIGH MOBILITY’s standardised connected car API. The collaboration enables HIGH MOBILITY developers to build new types of mobility apps based on IOTA’s ledger and significantly simplify the process of app development which combines the two technologies for our community of developers.

Today sees the launch of the first stage of this collaboration via a smart charging blueprint in the all-new IOTA Workspace. In this workspace developers will be able to build and test apps using HIGH MOBILITY’s standardised connected car API on the IOTA platform.

Bringing together HIGH MOBILITY’s development community and standardised connected car API with IOTA’s open source technology, data, blueprints and tutorials the collaboration between the two organisations aims to translate the value of IOTA’s open source technology into real world connected car applications, commencing with the charging blueprint.

Our CTO Kevin Valdek highlighted the many and varied opportunities the bringing together of these technologies and developer communities will bring about, hinting at the range of other exciting apps developers might expect to be able to work on in the IOTA Workspace shortly.

“With IOTA’s ledger and the team’s vision for future mobility, we will see it being applied by many new services. The type of applications that can be enabled with IOTA’s technology and vehicle data are many.”

He explained the value of this first charging blueprint launched today in the Workspace:

“In the first blueprint we see not only how vehicle data can be put onto a ledger, but also how it can be combined with charging infrastructure and payments.

Speaking of the advantages of the collaboration, Alisa Maas, Head of Mobility and Automotive at the IOTA Foundation said:

“I am convinced that bridging the gap between corporates and developers and implementing easy to use and scalable tools will solve major pain points in adoption.”

Users of the Workspace can expect lightweight and easy to understand documentation and webinars as well as user-focused interaction and navigation within the platform itself. The charging blueprint is the first of numerous upcoming blueprints between ourselves and IOTA to take place in the Workspace, with IOTA already confirming HIGH MOBILITY’s new position as a key player in the Foundation’s ecosystem.

Ready to check out the workspace? Then head over to the site, sign in or register and begin experimenting with the new charging blueprint now.