Porsche NEXT OI Competition 2019 Final: Winners, Award Ceremony and Prizes!

The Porsche NEXT OI Competition 2019 has finally come to an end. And it has been no small feat! After many weeks of teams building, testing and perfecting their apps and services for Porsche connected sports cars, followed by a virtual semi-final and last week’s final with the five selected top teams, we have finally found our three winning teams!

With more than 750 participants from over 50 countries, 155 different projects created and close to 90,000 API calls from over 240 APIs, it was no easy task selecting the teams taking home the top three prizes. In Ludwigsburg on Thursday 6th of June, the jury of twelve experts from Porsche, its partners and HIGH MOBILITY selected the projects they felt met the needs of the Porsche driver and significantly enhanced the driving experience in an innovative and groundbreaking way.

Congratulations to: Ghost Feel-It: Race Perception who took home the prize for first place with their innovative and industry-changing app that informs the driver of their performance via haptic feedback directly to the driving seat. Second place went to Way Ahead Technology, with their intuitive app that tracks, maps and visualizes real driving live in 3D. Finally, third place went to Road.Travel For Porsche, a trip planner and social marketplace of trips for connected cars that enhances the journey planning experience for Porsche drivers.


After the three winning teams had been selected, they were awarded their prizes by Anja Hendel, Director of Porsche Digital Lab, Patrick Kück, Director of Strategy and Innovation at Porsche, and Stefan Zerweck, COO of Porsche Digital as part of the celebrations in Ludwigsburg. Ghost Feel-It: Race Perception will work closely with Porsche on their winning application, as well as visit the Porsche Digital Lab in either Berlin or Tel Aviv. Way Ahead Technology will have the opportunity to take part in the selection day at Startup Autobahn — an interface for connecting startups with industry partners, as well as work with a Porsche software developer on their application. Road Travel For Porsche will have the opportunity to participate in the APX accelerator program and continue to work on their application with a Porsche software developer.

Ghost Feel-It: Race Perception. © Porsche AG

Interview with winning team Ghost Feel-It: Race Perception

We spoke to winning team behind Ghost Feel-It: Race Perception, Laura Bücheler and Isabella Hillmer about their experiences of the competition and their journey building this fantastic application. Here’s what they told us:

What were your impressions of the day?

“We thought everyone was really well prepared and the presentations were excellent. Everybody produced working prototypes, which is amazing. We know how long it took us to make a working prototype! We were really impressed. I think we had an unfair advantage, because everyone else had software and we had an actual seat that people could sit in! Every step of the way we have felt so honoured to pitch alongside so many great projects.”

Tell us a little bit about how this idea came about.

“We started off making technology that enabled amputees to be able to feel their prosthesis (prosthetic limbs). Although we thought this could be possible it was only after two years of discussions that we eventually decided just to go for it! We built a prototype for the prosthesis use case, found a customer and made a case study. When we saw the potential of the technology we also thought about how it could be used by different industries but it was very difficult for us to find an entry point. The Porsche NEXT OI Competition was a really great opportunity for us to have an entry point into the automotive industry and show how haptic feedback can be used at a more complex level. We actually only decided to join the competition after the first feedback round was already over, we just jumped into it and put all our efforts into it.”

How do you see your future collaboration with Porsche?

“Hopefully we’ll be able to do some more user testing, putting our technology into the seats in a real setting. It’s great to partner with Porsche because they know their users’ problems better than anyone, so they can tell us their challenges and we can tell them how we can solve them using our technology.”

The 12-member jury of experts from Porsche, its partners and HIGH MOBILITY. © Porsche AG

Interview with jury member Andy Toth, Investment Director at Plug and Play Germany

We also spoke to jury member Andy Toth about his impressions of the projects and the competition as a whole. Here’s what he had to say:

What were your impressions of the five finalists you saw today?

“All of the startups did a great job customizing their pitches and prototypes to the Porsche use case, especially the first two startups who created a mock-up of the app that clearly demonstrated the value Porsche could get out of working with them. The winning team, Ghost Feel-It: Race Perception were particularly interesting because they brought a physical product to the competition so the jury members could even sit in the chair and ‘try out’ the application. This gave the team the winning edge.”

What future do you see for the three winning applications?

“All of them are addressing real use cases. Road.Travel, for example, is addressing the issue of organising road trips while driving. This is a big pain point for many drivers. Currently Google Maps does not offer a similar social concept. It’s a high margin product to be an aggregator and sit on top of hotel providers, AirBNB, Booking.com etc, as well as experience providers coming into the market. Having a company who sits one level above these types of providers can enable them to get closer to the customer as well as provide more affordable pricing.

Way Ahead Technology seeks to increase the safety of drivers and passengers in a gamified way. As long as people are driving there will always be a market for this. The ‘driving at night’ use case in particular could be of huge benefit.

Ghost Feel-It can customize the user’s experience even more. Using the technology the team has developed it would be possible to further increase the driver’s engagement with the car as well as engage passengers. The entertainment system could be enhanced using this technology. It would also be possible to collect a lot of data about driving behaviour and develop new products based on that behaviour. There would be many new opportunities for products and services. They’ve already figured out the pricing, add-on options and more. It would be a very smooth transition for Porsche to offer this to customers.”

The top five teams

We were thrilled to finally meet in person the top five teams who have all worked so hard to bring creative and innovative ideas into Porsche sportscars. Here’s a short run down of all of the applications that were presented during the Finals on the day.

GHOST-feel it: Race Perception (1st Place)

Team: Laura Bücheler, Isabella Hillmer

Ghost-feel it: Race Perception is an app that enhances the driver experience and provides the driver with more information about their driving performance via haptic feedback directly into the driver’s seat. Learning about their performance from the responsive vibrations within the structure of the seat itself, drivers can not only feel like racing car drivers as they drive, but can enjoy a safer journey too.

Way Ahead Technology. © Porsche AG

Way Ahead Technology (2nd Place)

Team: Roger Rueegg, Dominik Stocker

The app from Way Ahead Technology tracks, maps and visualizes real driving live and in 3D. It makes sophisticated augmented reality features for Head-Up-Displays and Virtual-Cockpits possible in order to significantly enhance the driving experience. The technology can also transform the driving data into a 3D environment and generate a highly accurate replay for interactive analyzing, comparing and stunning experiences.

Road.Travel for Porsche (3rd Place)

Team: Nikita Dedik, Valeriy Britaus

Road.Travel For Porsche seeks to complement existing Porsche apps Porsche Road Trip and/or Roads by Porsche. The app is a trip planner and social marketplace of trips for connected cars, generating itineraries along predesigned routes and providing multi-booking functionality for users of these two existing apps. Users can find road trip scenarios in the marketplace or plan trips with the help of A.I., as well as customize and book multiple travel services. When inside the vehicle, the infotainment system will know everything about the user’s journey, with autonomous cars to become interactive personal travel guides.

Porsche P.O.L.E

Team: Paul Martens, Yuriy Kondratkov

The team behind Porsche P.O.L.E reimagines the car demo and test drive for a generation of consumers who are used to having the world at their fingertips. The team’s app for the Porsche NEXT OI Competition allows users to manage their car demo or test drive remotely from their phone. In addition, users can complete car purchases, schedule services and buy parts or Porsche branded goods all at the click of a button.

ChargeBest Attendant

Team: Ulrich Erdmann, Stephan Gerbeth

The ChargeBest Attendant seeks to remove the main obstacle currently halting the mainstream adoption and consumer acceptance of electric vehicles: the need to constantly check the battery levels of the car. The solution offered by ChargeBest Attendant is for the app to automatically find the best time and place for the next charging stop by matching the car’s needs to the driver’s individual behavior. Charging becomes a seamless part of the journey, not an additional hassle.

© Porsche AG

Thank you!

We’d like to say a big thank you to everybody who has taken part in the competition this year and a huge congratulations to the three top teams. If you didn’t manage to take part this year, don’t worry. We’ll be keeping you in the loop with all of our upcoming contests and challenges for connected vehicle applications throughout the rest of the year. We hope you’ve been inspired by what you’ve seen in this year’s Porsche NEXT OI Competition and look forward to seeing your very own innovative app or service soon!




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