Why choosing Highness as your Next Design Partner?

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We are simply different.

It is very hard for us traditionally to describe what Highness does in very simple words or list of services, because most people think of agencies and services businesses like us in particular categories. Most notably ad agencies, which are more about developing marketing campaigns that have some brief life, or production companies that are just sort of following a brief and executing again some very specific set of requirements. What Highness does is different than both of those things and that’s what makes us totally different.

We take pride in crafting the best solutions that fit our clients needs and go beyond their expectations. Our vision is focused on the delivery of consistent, meaningful and seamless brand experiences at every touchpoint across all types of devices.

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A strategic and idea-driven design thinking consultancy. We’re at the intersection of disciplines.

As we do always, for any type of projects small or big, we immerse ourselves entirely in discovery and research where we dig into the client’s field of work and their vision. We take time into decoding the entire problems which allows us to acknowledge the basic needs before getting into the specific ones that need to be resolved and improved.

We conduct massive brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas and come up with creative solutions that respond to our client’s needs, allowing us to identify the key considerations and opportunities we could leverage to better express their brand positioning and take it to the next level.

The Right Team For Your Project.

We’re a vibrant team of experienced strategists, UX designers, visual designers and top-notch programmers and developers. We make it possible to deliver exceptional results through our proven experience in the digital area. We strive to offer the best quality of digital solutions and are constantly immersing ourselves into new ideas, cutting-edge technologies and market trends in order to be able to offer you the latest solutions that are fully adapted to your needs.

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We use our office walls as playgrounds for all our ideas, sketches, validations and QA in early stages.

Human-Centered Design Thinking.

Our UCD approach fuels the creation of products that resonate more deeply with the audience. We engage the user throughout the creation and design process with a certain level of understanding and not just putting the elements on a good looking layout. From illustrations placement, strategic call-to-actions, to wireframes and functional prototypes, we make sure to end up with a very balanced and easy to use interface before dressing it up with visual design components.

Watch our mix Reel video to get a quick idea about us and what we do!

We Bring Your Vision To Life.

We bring your ideas to life with our top team of creative minds and visual designers. We focus on creating dynamic layouts, stunning graphics and optimized interactions to deliver consistent branding and intuitive user interfaces for your product. To do this, we follow a modular design approach for a coherent UX that provides us with a solid foundation of Do’s and Don’ts that we could leverage to solve the your product’s issues. We start by rethinking the sitemap, information architecture and UX with the user in mind, as well as build a great User Interface to provide the user with an overall experience that is content rich and fun to explore, without forgetting the alignment to your brand guidelines, in order to maintain visual consistency.

You are unique.

We believe that every brand is unique, and everything we do should set them apart from the competition.


Super simple. We’re not a Red Carpet type agency, in fact we’re a tiny small agency team. Serving big brands as well as early stages startups, our cost is always depending on the projects and deliverables and according to defined budgets. A quick email to hello@highness.co will be enough for us to start communication and answer all questions and inquiries.

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We are a Branding & Design driven agency with a mission to design and deploy solutions that delivers outstanding Customer Experiences. — highness.co

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