Tree Removal Service and Other Small Business Owners Necessary in Rebuilding Houston after Harvey

As the news focuses on water levels, levees being breeched, displaced families, rescue efforts and the amount of money it will take to rebuild parts of the Houston area, there is a sub group of businesses that will be on the front lines repairing Houston and it’s surrounding areas for months to come. Who are these people? These people are the small business owners: plumbers, handymen, painters, residential construction workers and tree service companies. Let me give you some examples:

Tree Removal Companies — These workers, like Highpoint Tree Care Cypress, TX are one of many that will be helping home owners and businesses clear down trees from their property. After a torrential down pour and days of rain the ground is soft which causes weak trees to fall. Unfortunately many of them will fall on homes.

Handymen — Many home owners will reach for the yellow pages and end up calling a large well known Handymen Enterprise. However, even the large companies cannot accommodate the many families that need help with repairing their homes. This is where the small local handyman becomes the local hero. We should NOT dismiss the part they will play in rebuilding Houston.

Construction Companies — With this industry, it’s all hands on deck. Drywall will need replacing, carpet ripped up and floors redone. Like Handyman Companies, the local small construction company may be able to fix your house faster than a large company. Seek out referrals from your neighbors and ask for references.

Houston has been turned upside down and it will be the local small business owners that rebuild Houston one home at a time. Let’s now forget about them.

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