No one’s really busy. It all depends on what number you are on their priority list.

Screw that, I say.

I have always been blamed for being poor in prioritising — be it with friends, family, cousins, colleagues or acquaintances. I cannot choose who to pick over who, I just sometimes stick two or three fingers out, do an inky-pinky-ponky, get confused all over again and then just go with where it ends with ‘ky’ — yes, that’s the kind of priority I give to priority.

I’ve had brutal fights with people who have told me that they’ve been hurt because of my mangled priority list, I’ve hurt a lot of them and I’ve even been challenged to be on the receiving end. Trust me, I’ve been there too. I’ve been with people who haven’t prioritised right and with people who according to them have prioritised right to be with me, very much to my chagrin.

Last week was when this ‘messed up priority-list problem’ was again pointed out to me. That was when four of my friends, unrelated to each other, complained to me about not sticking to plans, decisions and schedules — apparently I broke so many hearts that one week itself. I was overwhelmed. I thought I should explain myself but I didn’t care to.

I’ve learnt to be with people who prioritise and the ones that don’t. I do not go about complaining because, hell… I do not know what that person is going through in life at that point of time that they aren’t in a situation to spare time for me, to be with me. I know they are genuine. Enough.

First up, always know that I never commit. And if I ever say, ‘I will try’, it always means I definitely will try but won’t be sure until that day. And when I say I will come, it means I most definitely will. If not, I will not contact you. I will let you know that the plan is not on, though. This is simple enough. Any practical person with brains bigger than the size of a pea will definitely understand this.

I hate it when people tell me ‘you need to learn to prioritise’, because hello? Do you even know what is going on here, on my side? Stop assuming.

You won’t stop assuming, eh? Then it means you aren’t on top of my skewed twenty-something priority list of people.

Get that. Stay there.