What’s worse than a heartache?

Edu Lauton | Unsplash

Ah the throbs before something that’s set to happen

The pains and pangs of a bell gonging inside your head

No wonder they call it the temple!

My head’s going through a heavy ding-dong

I can literally hear a stupid song

Some wine and some coffee

Oh, some hot new brandy could do justice to it

My head’s gonging and all I’m longing for

Is a good night’s sleep,


All I can do right now is nothing but internally weep,

For my head’s a gonging gong, singing a woeful song

My dear head ache, you’re worse than a heartache

Oh my rain rain, wash away my pain,

My all consuming migraine,

You’re nothing but a bane,

I bleed my rant here, but in vain