Truck Camping

Truck camping is one step below sprinter van camping and one step above car camping. After purchasing my new (to me) truck, I knew I had to get it outfitted for camping.

I chose a 2006 Toyota Tundra Double Cab. I had a two Toyotas prior to this one and had great luck with them. My previous truck (1997 T100) had over 350,000 miles and still ran great! I just needed something with a bigger cab and 4 doors.

First thing I needed was a camper shell and a rack for the top of the shell .The camper shell also came with a light setup on the interior roof which is great for . The box is nice to get light bulky items out of the way to allow for more sleeping room.

Next step is the bed and storage in the bed of the truck.

I took 1/4 plywood to level out the bed of the truck. Then took 1x12 to construct the upright sections and then connected the two 1x12’s with 1x4. To connect the 1x4 to the 1x12 I used the Kreg pocket hole jig. This works great to form a strong 90* angle connection. Then I took 5/8" plywood to construct the top portion of the bed.

On the top section I cut out three flush mounted doors which allow access to the front portion of the storage area. The doors have a flush mounted handle that allows for easy opening. I bought some carpet at Home Depot and used it to cover the top portion of the storage area. The carpet is essentially the same color as the interior carpet on the camper shell.

All the wood was painted black for protection from water and also so it looks better.

I used 1/4" bolts with wing nuts to hold everything together. The reason I used wing nuts is so it can be disassembled with no tools.

I chose the height of the storage area based on some containers I had purchased to store everything in an organized manner. I wanted a big enough container but also wanted enough head room. I decided on the 43qt: tote

I also constructed a double water tank holder to securely hold two 7 gallon water containers. I added some foam and covered it with a vinyl mattress pad to protect it. I stuck on a tailgate seal to seal the back of the truck from dust, it worked fairly well but there are a few more spots I need to seal.

Luckily the bed of the truck is just long enough for me to fit. I’m 6'5" and have to sleep slightly sideways, but it works fine

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