E-commerce apps drive mobile sales

Mobile commerce research finds 42% of mobile revenue is app generated

New research by Internetretailer.com shows that 42% of mobile revenue in 2014 will be generated in mobile commerce apps. The research was conducted under the leading 500 retailers worldwide in mobile sales. It shows that more and more mobile shoppers are using apps instead of the mobile website to buy online. Great apps offer a brands most loyal customers the best possible user experience.

But mobile commerce apps and mobile websites still have much room for growth. Especially if you consider that 50,7% of traffic in August came from mobile devices in a survey of 26 of the largest E-commerce sites in the US, while mobile revenue as percentage of total e-commerce revenue was only 27,3%.

We made these two graphs which instantly show the big opportunities for companies who are willing to invest in their m-commerce strategy.

42 percent of mobile commerce revenue in the US will be generated by apps in 2014
Mobile commerce revenue lags behind the number of visits

One of the reasons we created our Highstreet mobile commerce platform, is to close the above mentioned gap between mobile traffic and mobile revenue. We believe a great, frictionless shopping user experience helps making online shopping more attractive for consumers and while doing so increases the bottom line of a webshop. We even have the numbers to prove ourmobile commerce app platform increases conversion and average order value, among others. Want to learn more about what our mobile commerce platform does, have a look.

On our blog we collect mobile commerce facts, figures, best practices and research. This post is one in a series about mobile commerce research. Watch this space for more interesting stuff.

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