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March 26th, 2014

After more than 9 months of design and development, and even longer preparing, we are happy to announce that today we are shipping the first tablet e-commerce store on the Highstreet platform. PME Legend, a well known fashion brand in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, is the first brand that will use Highstreet to release their own branded e-commerce app for iPad. Over the next month several other brands will follow. Highstreet 1.0 is the first step in our vision to help shape the future of e-commerce. A future in which online shopping becomes much simpler, more inspirational and a lot more fun.

It started in 2010

Tablets and e-commerce

We are all used to how e-commerce works today and accept this as the norm. However if you take a step back, you realize that there are many things that should be better:

  • The overall experience, on most webshops, is very slow. Even on fast webshops everything takes a long time because each product is loaded on a separate page.
  • For every action users take, there is a slight delay while the browser waits for the server.
  • Easily browsing a set of products takes a long time and is rather tedious to do. This makes leisurely discovering what is on offer across different product categories difficult.
  • Product pages are typically, for a large part not about the product. Usually, only 40% — or less- of the screen is devoted to the product image. This is rather strange when you think about it: when you visit a fashion store you first look at the the clothing and only later at the label.
  • Webshops use webpages and these render content. This is the positioning of different elements on the page after they are returned from the server. Unfortunately, this behaviour is exposed to the user and creates a stuttering effect while they wait for the page to be ready. Most people won’t even realize this as they’re so used to it. But it creates noise that makes the experience feel ‘technical.’ When you show users an experience where browsing is a smooth and seamless experience, they’ll love that.

The tablet shopping user experience we envision

Native first

Highstreet 1.0: A great catalog experience

Easy browsing

Speed speed speed

Smart filters

There are many more finer and bigger details to the Highstreet experience. For this I invite you to download the PME Legend app as soon as it becomes available in the next weeks or check

Easy maintenance through full Magento integration

Brands manage their product catalog in Magento and just as their webshop displays their catalog, Highstreet does the same. We took this integration far: each attribute, price, offer, stock etcetera is fully integrated into our app. This allows us to recreate the full e-commerce experience and not just offer a polished product feed app with no true e-commerce capability.

Other devices and platforms

What is next?

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